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Gig Werks Media Library
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SharePoint Videos (2013, Online & 2016) Webcasts

Document Control, Management & Secure Distribution Made Easy in SharePoint & Office 3651/26/2017
Get the Most From Your People Data in Office 365 and SharePoint12/14/2016
Modernize the Enterprise with Advanced Workflows and Forms in SharePoint11/17/2016
Modernize the Enterprise - Creating Modern Apps with the SharePoint App Model11/10/2016
Project & Program Management with SharePoint11/1/2016
Modernize the Enterprise with SharePoint Apps and the SharePoint App Model9/22/2016
What's New in Document Management for SharePoint 2016 & Online8/23/2016
Benefits, Best Practices and Future of the Hybrid Environment: SharePoint, Azure & Office 3658/4/2016
Security & Sharing in SharePoint 2016, Online & Office 3657/7/2016
Enterprise Records Management in SharePoint & Office 3655/12/2016
Best New Features of SharePoint 20164/12/2016
Satisfy Regulatory & Compliance Demands in SharePoint and Office 3651/27/2016
Drive User Adoption & Search with Automated Metadata in SharePoint12/4/2015
Easily and Cost Effectively Migrate to Office 365 and the Cloud12/2/2015
Easily Design, Brand and Enhance the User Experience of SharePoint and Office 36511/19/2015
What’s Coming in Office 365 & SharePoint 201611/11/2015
Enterprise Workflow in the cloud with SharePoint & Office 3658/27/2015
Easily Move Email, Files and SharePoint to Office 3657/30/2015
Governance Essentials for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online6/30/2015
Manage Email in the Cloud or On-Premise with SharePoint & Office 3656/25/2015
Automating Contract Management with Workflow in the Cloud or On-Premise4/28/2015
Enterprise Records Management in SharePoint and Office 3654/22/2015
Easily Markup, Secure & Share Content in SharePoint3/24/2015
Revolutionize the End-User Experience and Interface of SharePoint2/26/2015
eSignature and Digital Transaction Management in SharePoint2/24/2015
Easily Scan, Capture and Integrate Data into SharePoint1/16/2015
Pitch Book and Compliant Content Generation in SharePoint1/15/2015
Boilerplate Contract and Compliant Document Generation1/14/2015
Secure Document Comparison and Collaboration in SharePoint12/17/2014
Satisfy Regulatory and Compliance Demands Easily with Advanced Workflows in SharePoint12/16/2014
Expanding the Use, Potential and Value of SharePoint and Office 365 through 3rd Party Applications11/24/2014
SharePoint 2013 vs. SharePoint Online and Office 365: Security, Compliance and eDiscovery11/20/2014
Boost Performance and Eliminate Storage Limitations in SharePoint11/6/2014
Digitize Paper Driven Processes with Dynamic Web Forms in SharePoint10/30/2014
Ensure Auditability and Compliance with Advanced Workflows in SharePoint10/21/2014
SharePoint 2013 vs. SharePoint Online and Office 365: Business Intelligence10/2/2014
SharePoint 2013 vs. SharePoint Online and Office 365: Enterprise Content Management10/1/2014
SharePoint 2013 vs. SharePoint Online and Office 365: Search9/5/2014
Power Business Intelligence for SharePoint Online and Office 3659/4/2014
SharePoint 2013 vs. SharePoint Online and Office 365: Workflow9/3/2014
Enforce Governance with Ease in SharePoint and SharePoint Online6/30/2014
Understanding SharePoint Apps5/30/2014
Enhance Productivity, Usability and Relevance with Advanced Search in SharePoint 20135/29/2014
Advanced Records Management with SharePoint5/8/2014
View, Annotate and Secure your Content Anywhere and on Any Device in SharePoint 20135/7/2014
Advanced Workflow, Forms and Mobility in Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 from Nintex5/6/2014
Keys to Successful SharePoint Initiatives and User Adoption3/28/2014
Automate Business Processes with SharePoint 2013 and Business Connectivity Services3/27/2014
Out of the Box Business Intelligence and Reporting in SharePoint 20133/26/2014
SharePoint and Office 365 Migration Made Easy with Metalogix2/26/2014
Advanced Workflow Made Easy with SharePoint 2013 and Nintex1/31/2014
Advanced Content Lifecycle and Records Management in SharePoint12/20/2013
How to Redline, Markup, Collaborate and Review Content in SharePoint12/19/2013
Application of Content Security and Corporate Risk Protection in SharePoint12/18/2013
Compliant Document Generation and Assembly in SharePoint12/17/2013
Full Lifecycle Content Management with SharePoint 201311/21/2013
Driving the Business Case and User Adoption for SharePoint10/25/2013
Investment Considerations for SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 20139/27/2013
SharePoint 2013 and ECM: Governance and Compliance9/24/2013
SharePoint 2013 and ECM: File Share Migrations to SharePoint8/27/2013
Social and Collaboration Enhancements in SharePoint 20138/22/2013
SharePoint 2013 and ECM: Full Content Lifecycle & Records Management7/23/2013
SharePoint 2013 and ECM: Document Management and Line of Business Integration6/27/2013
SharePoint 2013 and ECM: Document Generation & Assembly6/26/2013
ROI of Workflows in SharePoint6/25/2013
What's New in Search for SharePoint 20135/24/2013
SharePoint 2013 and Enterprise Content Management4/25/2013
SharePoint 2013 Migration and Governance4/24/2013
Why SharePoint 20134/23/2013
SharePoint 2013 Launch4/18/2013
Advance Workflows, Forms, and Mobility with SharePoint 2013 & Nintex3/25/2013
Streamline Your HR Processes with SharePoint and KnowledgeLake2/27/2013
Advanced Reporting in SharePoint with Microsoft Power View2/26/2013
What's New in Business Intelligence in Office and SharePoint 20131/29/2013
SharePoint & Office 2013 Integration11/29/2012
Top Benefits of SharePoint 201311/27/2012
SharePoint 2013 Infrastructure Preview10/24/2012
SharePoint 2013 Preview for Developers9/26/2012
SharePoint 2013 Preview8/16/2012

SharePoint Solutions for the AEC Webcasts

Making SharePoint & Office 365 work for the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Industries1/25/2017
Document Control for the AEC with SharePoint – RFI, Transmittal & Submittal Management9/21/2016
AEC Project & Program Management Made Easy in SharePoint & Office 3658/24/2016
AutoCAD & Document Management, Viewing, Markup & Mobility in SharePoint6/30/2016
Task, Resource & Utilization Management & Reporting for the AEC with SharePoint and Office 3653/10/2016
AEC Universal Document Viewing, Markup & Collaboration in SharePoint & Office 3658/25/2015
SharePoint and Office 365 ProjectReady Application Suite for the AEC, Facilities Management & Project-Driven Organizations7/29/2015
SharePoint Solutions for the AEC: Easily Provision Sites in SharePoint and Office 3655/27/2015
Enhance Collaboration and Mitigate Risk with Email and Document Management in SharePoint7/24/2014
CAD Management in SharePoint6/24/2014
SharePoint 2013 Solutions for the AEC: RFI's, Submittal and Transmittal Management1/27/2014
ProjectReady 2013: Business Intelligence and Reporting for the AEC11/19/2013
ProjectReady 2013: SharePoint Solutions built for the AEC10/24/2013
AEC Document Management and Distribution in SharePoint7/25/2013
Managing CAD in SharePoint5/22/2013
SharePoint Solutions for the AEC: External Collaboration without FTP3/25/2013
SharePoint Solutions for the AEC: Business Intelligence1/30/2013
SharePoint Solutions for the AEC: Redlining, Publishing, & Distribution1/29/2013
SharePoint Solutions for the AEC: Project Accounting Integration12/18/2012
SharePoint Solutions for the AEC: Advanced Workflows, Forms and Mobile11/30/2012
SharePoint Solutions for the AEC: RFI's & Submittals Mgmt11/29/2012
SharePoint Solutions for the AEC11/1/2012
SharePoint and Deltek Integration1/26/2012
AEC Document Management and Distribution with SharePoint11/10/2011
SharePoint and Tools for the AEC - Overview3/31/2011
Integrated Project Delivery & Document Management for the AEC with SharePoint & the Microsoft Stack4/23/2010

SharePoint Solutions for Pharma/Healthcare Webcasts

Enterprise Document Security, Tracking and Collaboration in SharePoint7/22/2014
Compliant Document Generation for Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries in SharePoint2/25/2014

SharePoint Solutions for Legal Webcasts

Making SharePoint & Office 365 work for Legal Industries & Departments1/24/2017
Legal Email Management with Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint9/20/2016
Legal Matters Management in SharePoint & Microsoft Outlook8/25/2016
Legal Document Control & Collaboration in SharePoint6/28/2016
Legal Matter & Email Management with Microsoft Outlook5/18/2016
Legal Matter Task Management and Reports in SharePoint and Office 3654/13/2016
Securely Redline, Redact, Markup & Collaborate on Legal Content Anywhere & with Any Device in SharePoint & Office 3653/8/2016
Legal Matters Management in SharePoint & Office 36512/1/2015
Why Office 365 and SharePoint is Ready for Legal Firms and Departments10/14/2015
Redlining, Markup and Annotating Content with Any Device in SharePoint6/26/2014
Content Lifecycle and Records Management for Legal in SharePoint2/24/2014
Unified Search in SharePoint for Legal1/30/2014
SharePoint 2013 Solutions for Legal: Secure File Transfer & Document Comparison11/22/2013
SharePoint 2013 Solutions for the Legal Industry10/25/2013
Bridging the Gap on SharePoint for the Legal Industry: Redlining and Redaction in SharePoint2/28/2013
Search for the Legal Industry with SharePoint 2010 and Longitude11/3/2011

SharePoint Solutions for Financial Services Webcasts

Capture Data and Streamline Accurate Customer Communications in the Cloud or On Premise4/23/2015
Regulatory and Corporate Risk Protection in SharePoint7/29/2014
Compliant Document and Content Generation in SharePoint6/25/2014
Regulatory and Corporate Risk Protection of Content in SharePoint for Financial Services2/21/2014
Document and Report Generation in SharePoint for Financial Services1/28/2014
SharePoint 2013 Solutions for the Financial Services Industry: Advanced Workflows, Forms and Mobility11/20/2013
SharePoint 2013 Solutions for the Financial Services Industry10/23/2013
SharePoint Document Automation and E-Forms for Financial Services5/23/2013
SharePoint for the Financial Services Industry: Document Search, Security & Compliance3/28/2013
Security and Auditing for Financial Services with SharePoint 2010 and Lync7/25/2012

SharePoint 2010 Webcasts

SharePoint for the Business User: SharePoint 2010 and Collaboration10/23/2012
SharePoint for the Business User: SharePoint 2010 and Content Management9/25/2012
Understanding and Improving Governance with SharePoint and ControlPoint8/23/2012
Infrastructure Considerations for SharePoint 2010: SharePoint Scaling8/22/2012
Do more with Workflows with SharePoint 2010 and Nintex7/26/2012
SharePoint 2010 and Business Intelligence for the Business User6/28/2012
Infrastructure Considerations for SharePoint 20106/27/2012
SharePoint for the Business User: SharePoint 2010 and Workflows4/26/2012
SharePoint for the Manufacturing Industry: Enhanced Project Collaboration with SharePoint 2010 and Brava for SharePoint4/25/2012
SharePoint for the Business User: SharePoint 2010 and Governance3/29/2012
Solving IT Project Lifecycle Management with SharePoint3/28/2012
Integrating Microsoft Dynamics SL with SharePoint 20103/6/2012
Enhancements of SharePoint Service Pack 12/22/2012
SharePoint for the Business User: Taxonomy and Metadata1/27/2012
SharePoint 2010 and Content Management9/30/2011
Workflows and Forms Automation with SharePoint 2010 Webcast8/31/2011
Automating Publication of Web Content with SharePoint 20106/30/2011
Automating Document Creation through SharePoint 20106/3/2011
Governed and Auditable Distribution Management with SharePoint 20106/2/2011
SharePoint 2010 and Sites4/27/2011
SharePoint 2010 and the Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack 3/30/2011
SharePoint 2010 and Communities2/25/2011
SharePoint 2010 Migration2/23/2011
SharePoint E-Mail Archiving12/7/2010
The 2010 Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack11/23/2010
SharePoint 2010 for Public Sites10/27/2010
SharePoint 2010 and FAST Search 9/15/2010
SharePoint 2010 Overview8/19/2010
Unifying Line of Business Systems in SharePoint 20108/5/2010
SharePoint 2010 and Document Management6/22/2010
SharePoint 2007 vs. 20103/31/2010
SharePoint and Excel Services2/25/2010
SharePoint 2010 Preview12/8/2009

Microsoft Office 365 Webcasts

The Value of the Microsoft Cloud: Understanding the Scalability, Affordable Storage & Security Advantages of Office 3653/9/2016
Why Office 365 and the Microsoft Cloud is Ready for the Enterprise9/30/2015
Benefits of Email in the Cloud with Office 365 and Exchange Online6/2/2014
Understanding the Value of Nintex with Joe Giegerich of Gig Werks10/4/2013
SharePoint, Lync, and Exchange in the Cloud with Office 3652/27/2013
Understanding the Cloud: Microsoft Office 365 Lync Online9/1/2011
Understanding the Cloud: Integrating Office 365 Exchange Online and On Premise6/29/2011
Microsoft, the Cloud, and the Power of Choice1/28/2011

Business Intelligence Webcasts

What's NEW with Microsoft Power Business Intelligence2/4/2016
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