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Advanced Compliance Workflows
Quick Start Packages from Gig Werks
Time Frame: 5 days
Quick Start Description
Enhance the value of your Nintex investment with the Compliance Workflows Quick Start Packages from Gig Werks.

Gig Werks brings our expertise and understanding of our clients’ needs to create high value, rapidly deployed business solutions. With the exorbitant amount of regulations placed on institutions today, ensuring your  processes and procedures are compliant and that they can be easily validated to regulatory authorities is of the utmost importance.

With Gig Werks and Nintex this starter package delivers the ability to automate compliance demands, easily produce the reports today’s firms need to have ready on and on demand and set the ground work for your Enterprises ever changing compliance journey

The Gig Werks Performance Approval Quick Start Package Includes:NintexReports.jpg
  • Implementation of Workflow Template
  • Validation of Use Case for Reporting
  • Development of Distributable Report for Regulatory Compliance
  • Proper Setup of Security Groups and Auditability of your solution
  • End User & Technical training to ensure user adoption and proper usage
  • Contact Gig Werks to Learn More

The Compliance Workflows Quick Start Package can be used for the following Nintex Workflow Templates:

Nintex Performance Approval Workflow
With the Performance reviews can be a time-consuming and onerous process for both employees and
managers. Managers must follow up with team members to get reviews in on time and file them securely. Employees must remember when reviews are due, fill in complex templates and send attachments by email. Automating the review process gives everyone increased visibility of review status.

Nintex Pre-Trade Clearance Workflow
Banks and securities firms have had to set stricter internal process controls before allowing stock trades for customers to be activated. As part of Section 302 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Securities and Exchange Commission occasionally audits small and large securities exchange firms to ensure that they are following SEC rules and regulations, and not making illegal stock trades. Automating that process can expedite customer trades, ensure legal compliance and satisfy the firm's customers by providing efficient trading.

Nintex Compliance Approval Workflow
With the plethora of regulations financial, legal, and insurance institutions encounter continuously, there is a necessity to address the increasing demands of compliance and automated auditing. Companies within these industries tend to retain an exorbitant amount of documents and information from a number of different systems. The compliance workflow automates the requests for Compliance and Legal approvals on materials, presentations and/ or reports.

For Pricing, Availability and Engagement Details Please Contact Us

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